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    Feminine Landing Page – Katherine

    Hello Everyone! I want to introduce you new Lading page template for your creative business Build with HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap Fully Responsive and Supported Modern Devices like Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc. Bootstrap v3.3.5 Font Awesome Google Fonts Eye-Catching Design All Modern Browser Supported. W3C Validated Code Well Organized and Easy to Customize Animated elements DEMO is here https://lpstudio.pro/katherine/ Download this template   Or Here 

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    Perfect frames for images CSS and HTML

    Sometimes you can see nice borders on the pictures, and here I show you how easy you can make them with help of CSS and HTML     HTML <figure class="pic-frame"><img class="aligncenter" src="img/about.jpg" alt="" /></figure> CSS .pic-frame { position: relative; padding-left: 25px; padding-bottom: 25px; display: inline-block; } .pic-frame:after { position: absolute; content: ""; width: calc(100% - 25px); height: calc(100% - 25px); bottom: 0; left: 0; border: 2px solid #000; z-index: 1; } 2nd Amazing frame for the image HTML <div class="header-image-wrapper"> <img class="img-responsive wow fadeInUp" data-wow-delay="0.1s" src="images/hero.png" alt="LED UV лампа SUN 9C" /> </div> </div> CSS .header-image-wrapper{position:absolute;right:0;box-shadow:70px 30px 70px rgba(0,0,0,.3);} .header-image-wrapper:before{display:block;content:'';border:1px solid #ff6791;position:absolute;top:13px;left:13px;bottom:13px;right:13px;}

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    Best Free icons for websites

    On every website, you can see stylish icons from Font Awesome, but to be honest, they are already become old fash, on, as for us, they are very easy to use and look nice, but we need more!!! let’s see what other guys offer us today 🙂 Linearicons What can I say? They are super ! Stylish and fresh looking! For sure we grab hem into our collection for our Lading Pages and shops. Icon8 Icon8 – offers really nice icons! Can customize by colour and choose any icon you need. Retro Vectors    Material icons  Look for the animated icons!

  • The best sliders for Landing Page

    Responsive Sliders for Landing page

    Hello friends. Today we’ll talk about Responsive  jQuery sliders that will help decorate your landing page, correctly structure the information and laconically submit it.   Top scripts that implement the slider on the site Since all the scripts below are jQuery plugins, they are easily built into both regular HTML sites and any CMS. Owl Carousel 2 In my opinion Owl Carousel 2 is the best jQuery slider of the free. Weight settings, the availability of API and the possibility of full customization. All this fell in love with itself at first sight. Perfectly responds to smartphones and tablets, supports swiping Swip (ohm) and much more.   Slick slider   In…

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    Marketing trends in 2018

    The Marketing world is always growing and change the rules all the time. Today when all of us live in the era of social media, that’s important to be on top, as buyers are looking to the advertisement in a very sceptic way. So what use TOP Marketers fr Branding development?     Interactive content B2B ( business for business ) usually rely on blogs and content in PDF to generate Leads (potential customers) as part of their marketing strategy.  This year, you can find a customer through Landing Page – they attract visitors and create leads using a more attractive, animated and visual way. Instagram and Stories “Stories ”  became the…

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    Main stages of website creation

    Website Layout To make an effective good looking website, 1st stage is Website layout creation, from which we create a functional stylish website, we use programming elements as HTML , CSS, PHP, js and other. We choose the best quality images and fonts. Responsive Design That’s one of the most important stages, to make your website look nice and easy to read and see all design detail on every device from laptop to even mini phone. The responsive design is the obligatory condition for the search issue that Google and Yandex find the sites convenient for the visitor I use the bootstrap3 and 4 frameworks, it allows us to adapt the site to any device. Filling…

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    How much cost to open an online shop?

    If you stay home mom, you may be seen, there are not always possible to get a well-paid job, and you can’t leave your kids alone, even your parents can’t help you for some reasons. There is always an opportunity to open an online store, but many people are afraid to make their first step, as think that cost too much and stuck in thought and dreams. Here I will tell you how you can do even if you have a few dollars! I passed this way already and I share with you my way. At the start, many girls sale goods on Instagram and connect their shops if they have.…

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    How to write BEST META description for more traffic on your site?

    You may be noticed in the search engine, after a green link of the website some text about company and goods? It’s called META description or short resume. Let’s try to type “White towels” in Google Blue   – is Ttle of the page Green – link to a certain page in search results and lower – Meta description Thats a short decription about goods or services thats offered by company . You can fill these META by your self or leave in blank, then Google will get main keyword phrases from any part of the page by search request of a visior. Meta  on the Product or service To write…

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    Why visitors are leaving your site?

    Did ever happen to you when you came to a party, and you decide to leave as fast as you can? did you ever think later what you could miss there? Probably not. The same happens to your visitors, when they come to your site and leave without any action, from your post, page, landing page, that’s people who just came and said: “Nope, That’s not for me” but you want your visitors around or make some actions on your blog or landing page to buy your goods. Here are some reasons why people leave your site Noone loves slow websites!  Of course, you won’t slow down your website, but…